Maintenance and Transportation

Director of Maintenance & Transportation
Mr. Lester Dunning
623-925-3400 x3417

Maintenance Coordinator

Andy Alvarez and Ken McCoy

623-925-3400 x3419
  Transportation Coordinator
Robert Tippie
623-925-3400 x3440

School Board Policy EE:

  • Transportation of students is a privilege extended to students in the District, and not a statutory requirement except for necessary transportation of students with disabilities as indicated in their respective individual education plans.

Bus Procedures and Rules:

In addition to the Student Code of Conduct, the following rules are for all students to follow while traveling in the school bus.  These rules pertain to all students involved in bus activities, i.e. to and from school, field trips, after-school games, etc.

  • Students will stay seated and out of aisles until the bus stops.
  • Students will keep all body parts inside the bus.
  • Students will refrain from any behavior that distracts the bus driver.
  • Students will refrain from eating, gum chewing, and spitting.
  • Students will refrain from having glass containers.
  • Students will refrain from throwing objects; littering; throwing anything out of the bus windows.
  • Students will refrain from bringing any animals on the bus.

All students will board the bus at their assigned bus stop.  The bus driver reserves the right to refuse service to students attempting to board the bus at a location other than the assigned bus stop.

Suspension of transportation privileges will be executed in instances of continued disregard of rules and/or behavioral infractions while on the bus or at the designated bus stop.